Google Launches Bard, a New AI Chatbot to Complement Search

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Google has announced Bard, a new artificial intelligence chatbot that competes with similar products from Microsoft and OpenAI. Bard will initially be available to select users in the US and UK, but interested users can join the waitlist at bard. Google has said it will need a slow and steady rollout, but has yet to reveal a full public launch date.

Bard works similarly to its competitors, giving users a text box where they can ask any question. However, Google stresses that Bard is not intended to replace its search engine, but rather complement it. Chatbots can be used to create drafts,share ideas, or simply chat about life. They also describe Bard as a product that allows users to "collaborate with generative AI," which is likely to distract Google from further outbreaks.

“In The Verge demo, Budd was able to quickly and fluently answer some frequently asked questions, offer advice on how to encourage children to bowl, and recommend a list of popular heist movies. Budd, though with minimal variation in content, generated three responses to each user query, each with a prominent “Google It” button underneath that redirected users to relevant Google searches and offensive information that did not represent Google’s views. ”

Bard connects to Google search results, but extracting factual information from them can be haphazard and unsuccessful. For example, I was completely unable to answer a question about the White House press conference host that day, or a tough question about the maximum weight capacity of a particular washing machine.

Bard is faster than its competitors, but that may be because it currently has fewer users. It seems to have a potentially wide range of features, such as

generating lines of code, but it also lacks clearly labeled footnotes like Bing.For Google, this is both a blessing and a curse.

As more users access Bard, this collective stress test will reveal the system's functions and responsibilities. One untested attack is jailbreaking. This includes allowing you to enter queries that disable bot defenses and generate harmful or dangerous responses. I hear a voice saying.

Source: Techmeme