Embracing the Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Education: New York City Public Schools' Journey


As Superintendent of New York City Public Schools, I am deeply committed to ensuring a quality education for all of her students heading into 2023. Our goals include improving literacy, preparing students for careers, and fostering a safe and inclusive school environment. But as technology and innovation continue to advance, our plans are sometimes disrupted.

Address concerns and limitations.

In November, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, a breakthrough generative AI program capable of generating original content from large datasets. However, due to concerns raised by our educators and possible abuse, ChatGPT has been added to the list of restricted websites within New York City public schools. The decision received widespread media attention, with more than 1,000 news articles published since January. Unfortunately, this initial response does not fully appreciate the potential of generative AI to support students and teachers, and the importance of preparing students for it. Students progress toward a world powered by artificial intelligence.

Learn and Collaborate:

Recognizing the need to understand the possibilities and challenges of AI, we began conversations with technology industry leaders to explore potential platforms for schools, educators, and students. Equally important, we turned to trusted experts — educators across the city who began teaching about the future and ethics of AI through our “ Computer Science for All” program. Responses and accuracy assessment. This demonstrates the commitment and innovation of our   ducators.

From discreet to exploration:

Over time, our initial caution turned to thoughtful consideration of the capabilities and risks associated with this new technology. New York City public schools are

now actively encouraging and supporting educators and students in this journey of learning and exploring generative artificial intelligence. We foster a culture of

sharing discoveries and building repositories and communities for knowledge exchange within our schools. resource pack. We continue to gather insights from

within schools and from experts in the broader AI field to help all schools use AI tools effectively.

Prioritize AI education:

As we celebrate World Artificial Intelligence Day on May 18, we're bringing our work to the forefront. Using MIT-developed resources, all schools are encouraged

to involve students in activities that explore the impact of artificial intelligence on their lives and the broader societal impact that artificial intelligence can have.

We recognize that our country is on the brink of a major social transformation driven by generative artificial intelligence. Ethical issues raised by leaders in the

technology industry and the government sector inspire important discussions in the classroom. At the same time, we support students in the opportunities

presented by AI and prepare them for current and future jobs. Many of these opportunities will build on undiscovered AI-driven innovations. New York City Public Schools recognizes the transformative potential of generative artificial intelligence and remains committed to adapting the education system to the needs of the digital age. Although we faced initial concerns and limitations,we explored the power and risks of generative AI with an open mind. By partnering with technology industry leaders, leveraging the expertise of educators, and fostering a culture of sharing, we are paving the way for effective AI adoption in schools. As we continue this effort, we are committed to providing educators and students with resources, support, and guidance. Empower students to navigate the complexities of an AI-driven world by prioritizing AI education and encouraging critical debate about its ethical implications. On this Global AI Day, we invite schools across the country to join us in embracing the transformative potential of AI. Equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the future while ensuring AI remains a force for good in our society.